Data Analytics

Data science is an expansive topic and many different types of industry are getting involved to facilitate better decision making. Industry areas such as banking fraud detection, finance & shares, healthcare, manufacturing industry and logistics, product marketing & business intelligence are some of the areas where data analytics have proved useful. These areas diverge in terms of approach and software used but have similar foundations, such as data preparation, mathematics and visualization.

What Will You Learn?
  • Introduction to Data Science & Analytics
  • Pathways & types of data scientist
  • Data science applications (big, analysis, intelligence, machine, neural)
  • Data ethics, GDPR
  • Sources & types of data
  • Tools & software
  • Math behind data science
  • Data analysis techniques
Information Of Course
Duration Time
4 Days for 8 Hours or 8 Days for 4 Hours

The course is delivered by an experienced tutor with a professional background in product development and process engineering in regulated manufacturing with postgraduate qualifications in engineering and industrial applied statistics.

Participants should ideally have Microsoft excel to do worked examples during the course (data clean, histogram, pareto, regression, stratification).

This foundational course aims to provide interested parties with a grounding in the emerging field, provide a roadmap of practice and an introduction to some basic concepts involving the use of mathematics, software and data visualization.

Certificate of Completion from Samson Training